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Monitor 24/7 freezers and other
refrigeration equipment. Receive instant alerts for temperature excursions.

Real-time monitoring and automation solutions to drive energy efficiency for residential, commercial buildings and other non-industrial facilities.



LoRa Technology is the DNA of the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting sensors to the Cloud and enabling real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity. LoRaWAN which stands for Long Range Wide Area Network is a low power, wide-area networking (LPWAN) protocol based on LoRa Technology.



Low Cost
Cost-Effective solutions. NO tools, cabling, or IT resources needed
Deep Coverage
Deliver deep indoor coverage in hard to reach places
Low Power-Long Life Sensors
IoT sensors with low power consumption providing up to 5-year battery life
Quick & Easy Setup
Easily install sensors and gateway. Up end running in seconds
Actionable Alerts
Receive timely alerts via email and SMS text
Remote Monitoring
Web app to access your data and dashboard from anywhere
Cutting-edge cloud-based data centers match your needs
Secure Connection
Enterprise-grade protection: two layers of 128-bit AES cryptography